LEONI B-Flex Cobot brings true collaborative cable management to cobot models

With an increase of collaborative robots in manufacturing environments, more and more cobots are working alongside humans. As these robots are automating tasks, they need to be equipped with the proper content and utilities, which in turn requires proper cable management. As important as it is for the robots to be collaborative and adhere to safety standards, it is equally important for the cable management to also be collaborative.

LEONI, the world’s leading dresspack manufacturer, has developed the B-Flex Cobot cable management system, compatible for all types of cobots.

Designed as a flexible, anti-slip cable management system, LEONI B-Flex Cobot can be installed quickly and easily on any type of robot arm profile – cylinder and rectangular– and on diverse surfaces. The LEONI B-Flex Cobot’s straps allow for installation without the requirement of tools, screw connections, or modifications to the existing robot. Application on various dimensions of robot arms are easily adjustable with LEONI B-Flex Cobot’s flexibility of the cable mounting brackets.

With its low-profile and rounded design, the LEONI B-Flex Cobot is designed to minimize the chances of incidental contact that could harm human workers, while the straps and brackets simplify maintenance and repairs.

LEONI B-Flex Cobot is suitable for all types of collaborative robots, including FANUC, KUKA, Universal Robots and other common collaborative robot models. For the most standard applications, LEONI Engineering Products and Services, Inc. offers complete kits designed and packaged by robot model.

Easy to order, easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to adapt to your needs while safe for operators makes the LEONI B-Flex Cobot, the solution for your cobot.