Leoni a partner for next generation warehouse robot

Engineering continues to support customer with their next generation robots and new development of custom clamps.

Kitchener - A Canadian innovator of inventory management robots, who previously worked with LEONI on their original robot, approached us to help them again with a new project. They are integrating new features and elements into the design of the newest robot requiring a flat cable design with a custom clamp in addition to the cable clockspring system we are designing as well.

The current design they had in place for their dynamic drive assembly, used off the shelf cables in a track.  These cables cannot withstand the tight bend and high flex life that is required of the application.  The track also has a large footprint and limited space for other components.

Customization for optimal results

In order to reduce the cable footprint and provide a cable solution that can withstand the cycles needed at the tight bend radius, the engineering team designed a High Performance Flat cable with a custom overmolded clamp. This solution not only reduces the cable footprint, but the cable performance will meet and even exceed the requirements.

Prototyping of these solutions has been done and now the engineering teams are working together to optimize the design.  We look forward to working with the innovator once again as they revolutionize inventory management for some of the biggest names in retail!