Leaders in the Aesthetics market are partnering with innovative companies like LEONI for new product launches

In an era where beauty trends and treatments are on the rise, the Billion Dollar Aesthetics industry is growing at a rapid pace. Applications such as laser needling, body contouring and cryolipolysis are some of the fastest growing trends in the market. These treatments offer the patient better, faster results with less downtime.

Aesthetics companies are looking for innovative partners to work with, that can react quickly to their needs and are able to adapt to change quickly to support new product releases and help them to stay relevant in a fast-paced industry.

LEONI cables are custom designed to meet design challenges such as:

  • Flexibility (does not fight the technician)
  • Lightweight to avoid clinician fatigue
  • Customized to be in line aesthetically with the application
  • Special tubes for fluid, vacuum, air and gas and components such as fiber optics and data can be integrated into the cable design
  • FDA approved jacket material and custom colour matching
  • Heat sensitive and aesthetically pleasing illuminated jacket options
  • Plug and play connectorization and unique custom overmold strain relief solutions

Our in house team of engineers are able to react quickly to design requests and with our project management services, your product can get to market quicker.

LEONI’s engineering team works together with you to design a completely custom design, tailored 100% to your application. To learn more about how we can work with you on your application contact us at infocables@leoni.com or visit our website www.leoni-americas.com