Innovative robotics require an innovative cable design

A local Robotics company approached LEONI to work with and design the cable that would be used for their autonomous material handling robot. The cable needed to handle repeated extensions in a tight working envelop over the duration of the robots life. The product included high flex USB 3.2 components, Ethernet, encoder, signal and power.

Working with the customer we quickly determined that a coiled cable assembly would be required to handle the mechanical movement while meeting the dimensional constraints. A later revision was implemented to include larger USB power wires to allow the full 900mA bus.

LEONI’s product successfully met the requirements of the application. Our high flex data components are industry leading and held up to the applications mechanical abuse. Our solution involved releasing a small batch of FAI’s that were fine-tuned and used to provide 100% perfect assemblies on later releases.

The customer was completely satisfied with the final product, stating “These are the cleanest (most error free) assemblies we’ve ever had delivered.” These cable assemblies were successfully implemented into the production release of the autonomous material handling robot which went on to be used in warehouses around the world, helping companies to work more efficiently.