Increase your speed to market using LEONI’s intONE service

Challenges & Objectives

A North American leader in Cryolipolysis who had worked with LEONI on other projects, approached the LEONI team with a new challenge…and of course we accepted! They were in the process of updating their device platform to be a slimmer and more flexible umbilical that did not fight the technician when using it.  They also wanted to make the umbilicals smaller and lightweight while combining elements of power, signal and pressurized fluid tubes.  LEONI engineering also needed to be able to work with their custom interconnect components.


The LEONI Project Team sat down with our customers’ team to review all of their needs for the design.  Based on the cable used in their current device, the LEONI Engineering team was able to provide several different design iterations and prototype cables for them to do testing and validation.  After defining the cable, LEONI then helped with assembly and expertise in overmolded strain relief design.

Solutions & Benefits

Having all of the required components, while increasing flexibility and weight of the umbilical would prove to be a challenge, however the LEONI engineering team was able to provide the customer everything they required, to support their fast product release and with a cable even more flexible then they imagined. 


The LEONI teams’ ability to react quickly to changes and fast turn-around prototypes for validation, allowed the customer to develop their application in parallel and therefore get to market quickly.

The aesthetics market is fast paced and ever changing.  Companies need a partner that is flexible to change and can react quickly.  LEONI Elocab Ltd. thrives in complex situations and with our full project management services, you can be assured that your product will be the first of its’ kind on the market! To work with LEONI on your application, contact us at or learn more about our intONE™ service by visiting our website