Design improvements for increased cable productivity!

A leader in laboratory diagnostics reached out to LEONI for a custom cable design that was reproducible and eliminated the failures they were experiencing with their current solution.

Kitchener – A leader in scientific laboratory equipment contacted the LEONI team to see if we could improve the quality of their existing cable design, used in mass spectrometry applications. They required a very compact design that included two different sized pneumatic tubes used to carry nitrogen gas, along with various copper conductors. They were experiencing quality and delivery issues with their current supplier, having a large impact on their production schedule. They needed an improved design quickly to minimize any further impacts.

Our engineering team assessed the design to better understand the issues making the current solution impossible to reproduce effectively and causing failures.  The LEONI team worked closely with the with the customers engineers to understand in depth which design elements were crucial to their application.  With this cooperation, we were able to provide a solution quickly and even matched the jacket colour of their current solution!

Quality right from the start

This cable was fully reproducible now, and the customer is very happy with our work! They are no longer experiencing quality and delivery problems that have impacted the company’s bottom line.

After having such a positive experience working with the LEONI team, they are looking forward to working with us on other projects!  To see how we can help with your projects visit