Consistent downtime with “leading” cable solution, finds resolution with LEONI custom cables

A robotics company, looking for a solution for their automatic welding robot,
approached LEONI Elocab Ltd as they were experiencing consistent field
failures. The robots rotational movement was so extreme that any cable
installed would fail within 4-5 days, even when using the “leading” cable solution.
This would cause millions of dollars in downtime for the end user.

LEONI’s highly trained onsite engineering team, worked closely with the
customer to fully understand the movement of the robot and what stress this
would put the cable under. They quickly identified a solution that would provide
an ultra-high flex life cable that could withstand extreme robotic torsion/bend

Through careful evaluation of the requirements, LEONI was able to develop a
Kevlar reinforced copper conductor. This provided additional reinforcement at
wear points and prevented any premature failure.

After extensive testing over 6 months, LEONI’s solution resolved any premature
failures in the robots, saving the end user millions in downtime costs. These
cables are still successfully installed in the welding robots with no indication of
replacement needed.