Canadian power tool manufacturer turns to LEONI for superior assembly design

For several years, the Canadian pneumatic tool manufacturer was a top customer in bulk cable for LEONI Elocab Ltd. Our sales team learned that they were sending parts to an assembly house where their final assemblies were built. This created a logistical challenge and additional costs. With the expansion of LEONI’s assembly department, it only made sense for LEONI to provide our customer a turn-key solution with their assembly and cable built in one place. Our sales and engineering team met with the customer to discuss our capabilities with mold design and overmolding, as well as connectorization. It was clear to them that moving their whole assembly business to LEONI Elocab Ltd. was a smart choice.

In order to provide an overmold design, LEONI’s design team analyzed the current overmold and figured out very quickly, that with several improvements, the overmold design could make this assembly more professional. The previous assembly house had “tooled” up an overmold that worked but was not ideal. The LEONI engineering team made the necessary tweaks to the design that would make it function to its highest potential. We also, developed in house fixtures to ensure that the connector would not loosen when tightening the connector onto the power tools.

With these solutions to improve the overall design of the assembly, LEONI Elocab Ltd. has been a strong partner and has not only been able to provide them with a much simpler logistics and supply chain but a higher quality product that better supports their application. They are excited to be a partner of LEONI and continue to build on a strong partnership. To learn more about how we can help with both your bulk cable and assembly needs visit us at