Automate 2022: Rugged, Reliable Robotic Cables and Hoses for All Robot Types

Today’s manufacturers deploy industrial robots for several reasons, including protecting against labor shortages, increasing productivity, and driving revenue.

Robots of all types — from articulated to collaborative — require rugged, reliable cables and hoses that can supply power, data, air, water, gases, adhesives, and more. Without the right cables and hoses, your industrial robot may soon become more of a decoration than an integral part of the manufacturing process. 

Because of the disparate, high-speed movements and millions of bending cycles that robots may perform on the factory floor, robotic cables must be able to withstand torsional and tensile stress. In addition, these cables must also be resistant to high temperatures, welding spatters, oil, and other chemicals they may encounter. BizLink offers an extensive range of robotic cables that use standard and special insulation materials to make them  resistant to abrasive substances.. In addition, BizLink carries polyurethane hoses for integration into dresspack and function-pack systems. These hoses carry air, water, gases, or even small parts such as bolts or rivets.

BizLink puts all its cables and hoses through rigorous in-house testing to ensure reliability and can also develop custom cables or hoses as needed. Join us in Detroit from June 6 to June 9 at Automate 2022 and see why you’ll never have to worry about robotic cables or hoses ever again. BizLink will be front and center in Booth 3100.