Are you ready for the rise of Ecommerce?

With sales in ecommerce expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021 and Amazon accounting for 44%* of all ecommerce sales, it is clear that online shopping is not going anywhere.

Increasing demand for products to be available for purchase online and the need to get them quickly, means more companies are moving to Logistics Automation in their warehouses. These logistics warehouse systems, improve efficiency of logistics operations, but can the cables used inside these robots handle the demand of rotation and life expectancy?

Off the shelf cheap cables are often used in tracks and installed in logistics robots. These cables do not have a long life expectancy and often break and wear before the robot has reached end of life. This downtime, results in delayed shipments and ultimately upset customers.

LEONI’s High Performance Flat (HPF) cables provide a space saving solution that can withstand upwards of 150 million flex cycles. When used together in a clockspring, cable management system, the customer can achieve maximum rotation taking into consideration the space restrictions of the robot, thus reducing downtime, increasing product lifecycle and providing a more reliable product.

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