Allison Transmission Cuts Training Time in Half With Custom LEONI Program

Allison Transmission started to train skilled trades personnel on new industrial automation equipment but quickly realized the curriculum it had implemented was more generic than focused. That’s when the manufacturer of commercial-duty propulsion systems found LEONI Engineering Products and Services, Inc. (LEPS), which developed a customized, systems-level program that cut training time in half while boosting repair time.

“There was a large disconnect when switching over from legacy equipment to the new Siemens controls installed at the plant, and the skilled trades workers had to get up to speed,” says Keith Burgess, Sales Engineer, Business Unit Industrial Solutions at LEPS. “Allison Transmission had been using a standard equipment course, but what they really needed was a training program tailored to their specific requirements.”

Those needs included basic and advanced training on maintaining and troubleshooting new Siemens S7 PLC, 840D CNC, and G120/S120 drives. “Because LEPS’ Siemens training program is very modular, the customer was able to pick and choose from each course offering and focus on the content relevant to their application,” Burgess says.

Based on these discussions, LEPS developed a customized four-week hands-on training program conducted on LEONI mobile training units at Allison Transmission’s facility. By comparison, the plant’s previous curriculum took seven to nine weeks to complete. “By using a systems-based approach and eliminating nonessential parts of the curriculum, LEPS provided our customer more training value per hour,” Burgess says.

Allison Transmission is finishing its initial training run of eight skilled trades workers, with 24 to 32 more scheduled to go through the curriculum. The customized program also allows the manufacturer to address the changeover from retiring personnel to new staff.

Even though the program is in its infancy, the customer is seeing tangible results, most notably in mean time to repair. “Instead of taking an entire day to troubleshoot and fix a machine, their skilled tradesperson is now trained to do it in matter of hours or minutes,” Burgess says. 

Between the custom training manuals LEPS develops and availability of instructors for follow-up questions, LEPS provides ongoing support for trainees. “We’ve received stellar reviews from the customer,” Burgess says. “It was exactly the type of training they were looking for and needed.”