A tarnished reputation recovered by a LEONI solution!

LEONI was called in to develop a solution for the leading manufacturer of Large Format Printers, after they began to experience performance problems and their reputation was becoming tarnished. The current solution used industry standard cables in a 40ft long track system. Both copper and tubing components were failing in the field under the stress of their rapid movement in this high flex application.

The initial assessment was easy in that industry standard catalog cables cannot meet all potential continuous flexing application. After understanding the bend radius, electrical requirements, the physical space available and the importance of the tubes required, LEONI was able to help in determining a final solution.

LEONI’s High Performance Flex cables, can withstand upwards of 150 Million flex cycles at a tight bend radius, making it the obvious choice for this application. The LEONI engineering and sales team decided to design a stackable set of HPF cable systems that would sit within the track to solve the field failures and improve the overall performance of the Printer System.

After several years of using the LEONI HPF cable assembly system the customer has not reported a single field failure do to the cable performance.

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