Cable personalizado

Over the last two decades, regardless of the industry, the world has looked for equipment to be more efficient in every way possible. Companies want smaller, faster, longer lasting and more capabilities overall.

These demands have created challenges for many of the components needed in your product application. This is certainly true for cable and cable systems. LEONI has been presented with challenges such as getting more out of copper wires as well as being asked to integrate other components not traditionally found in cables like tubes, fiber optics, coaxes, strength members, specialty fillers, and even industry protocol components such as Cat7, USB 3.2 and more into our Hybrid cable designs. Customers require cables that withstand a variety of mechanical attributes such as very high flex lives exceeding not tens of millions but hundreds of millions of cycles, in tightest spaces and at extreme bend radii that we have not seen his torically.

LEONI Elocab Ltd was established in 1996, to not only meet the challenges of what our founders saw coming in the world of cable but to also provide state of the art hybrid products in a facility that was specifically designed and equipped to do so in small to medium volumes.

  • If you are in search of a non-traditional cable or cable system
  • If your next project could benefit from an industry-leadingly low 300ft MOQ for prototyping
  • If your cable attributes seem daunting and you do not know where to start

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