Superar los desafíos de diseño para obtener result ados óptimos

A supplier of the automotive industry approached LEONI as they were experiencing issues with consistent dimensions from their current cable supplier. These inconsistencies were causing issues when overmolding their assemblies and connectors. These challenges with their current supplier were causing major delays in shipments and they required a quick solution.

LEONI Elocab’s skilled engineering team reviewed the challenges that the OEM was experiencing and determined the likely cause of the inconsistent dimensional issues was due to the use of improper materials and improper extruder equipment.

We determined that by using the proper compounds and running the product on state of the art equipment with tolerance equipment in place we could maintain the dimensions the customer needed to properly overmold their assemblies and get consistent results each and every time.

Because of LEONI Elocab’s ability to design, produce and ship products quickly, the customer was able to get good quality products that met customer’s strict specifications each and every time, thus saving the customer on costly downtime, resulting in many new orders with additional OEM’s.