Hacer realidad los sueños, un cable LEONI a la vez

LEONI was approached by a North American medical device company to help them with their “dream cable” which included both glass fiber and copper components inside. They had been told by most of our competitors that this was not possible and had been convinced that they could not have both as the competitors did not have that capability. They wanted us to provide them a custom cable assembly with molded strain reliefs.

After some convincing that the information previously provided was inaccurate our customer was ready to move forward upon seeing a similar LEONI cable assembly with everything that the customer was looking for. The Leoni “Dream Cable System” has provided a cleaner, more professional looking medical device system that will be used in doctors’ offices, clinics and emergency rooms.

The Dream Cable System will be making its debut to the market once all FDA approvals have been finalized. Having the system that the customer always wanted will be worth the wait and will certainly present a product into the Healthcare market that they can be proud of. We are happy that we could help this customer make their “Dreams” come true!