Los cables LEONI ayudan a determinar los diagnósticos con equipos únicos de resonancia magnética y medicina nuclear

After an extensive search around the globe for a custom cable manufacturer that could provide a “low-density” flat cable with no success, the medical diagnostic company reached out to LEONI. The application utilizes both MRI and Nuclear Medicine to diagnose patients with very serious health issues that historically would have had no hope. Because the cable would be in the immediate area, it was crucial that it not be “picked up” by the equipment and ruin the image preventing a diagnosis.

The cable required 32 coaxes, 18 power conductors and be fully shielded. Low-density required the cable to be as thin as possible. With the low profile, high flex life up to 150 million cycle and ability to be 100% customizable, LEONI’s High Performance Flex (HPF) cable was the obvious choice for this project.

With the understanding that fully shielding the cable would be a manufacturing challenge, the LEONI production team accepted the challenge, and modified equipment to apply the full shielding over all components and produce a test lot of 300ft.

During the validation and verification of the cable, the customer was happy to report that the custom low-density flat cable performed even better than they had expected the first time, with minimal modifications to their software!

LEONI’s willingness to work with the customer to solve their problem ensured that lifesaving diagnostic equipment was able to make it to market. LEONI thrives in complex projects and loves to solve problems. To learn more about how LEONI can help with your next project, visit https://www.leoni-americas.com/us/hpf/ or email us at infocables@leoni.com