Los resultados rápidos requieren un cable de alta flexibilidad que pueda soportar movimientos rápidos. ¡Es por eso que los expertos en equipos de diagnóstico de laboratorio recurren a LEONI!

A leader in Laboratory Diagnostic equipment approached LEONI to design a cable that was flexible and could withstand rapid movement over many cycles. The cable also needed to have a small footprint in their machinery. With exceptional throughput, proven Chemiluminescence technology and assay protocols, their line of instruments and load “on-the-fly” capability allows technicians to simplify and automate immunoassay testing. They needed a cable as reliable as their test equipment!

The LEONI sales team presented our High Performance Flex (HPF) cables to the customer as these cables can withstand upwards of 150 million flex cycles at a tight bend radius and with rapid movement, making it the obvious choice for this application.

These immunoassay systems process up to 400 tests per hour using LEONI’s HPF cable technology. The cables were such a success, that LEONI now builds both the cable and assembly production for these cables.

LEONI is the leader in custom medical flat cables, providing our customers with solutions that best suit their application needs and thrive in complex situations. ISO Class 1 Cleanroom ready cables and the use of medical grade materials, makes LEONI the perfect choice for your next project. To learn more about our cables and their use in other Laboratory Diagnostic applications visit our website https://www.leoni-americas.com/laboratorydiagnostics or email us to speak with one of our expert team members infocables@leoni.com.