La startup canadiense busca en LEONI la solución de gestión de cables de su innovador robot de automatización

A Canadian start up needed a reliable working cable assembly solution for their “under carriage clock spring motion turret assembly”, used in their industrial automation robot. Their old assembly was made up of round cables inside a regular cable support track, which did not operate smoothly.

Our engineering and sales team visited the customer, and met with their project team. The customer presented their present turret assembly and they discussed the issues they were experiencing with early failure. We discussed our clockspring solution, which we strongly felt would help to eliminate the failures. Our sales and engineering team also discussed the benefits of LEONI’s intONE service allowing our customer to focus on their product design which was still in development.

LEONI’s engineering team worked alongside the customer and designed a fully engineered solution using a clockspring cable management system. Our High Performance Flex (HPF) cable assembled into the custom designed cup assembly provided the customer with the full range of motion needed in a small compact space, allowing reliable free travel of the upper carriage turret so that the robot could pick up products on a side-to-side motion as intended. The benefit was immediate and worked perfect from the beginning!

Since moving to the LEONI solution, they have been able to stay worry-free on this part of their robot design! A 2nd version of our assembly was designed in order meet the changes made to their robot design. LEONI reacted quickly and executed the change in time for them to fulfill investor deadlines. LEONI has shipped over 300 assemblies without any failures. We expect this innovator to be a long time satisfied LEONI Elocab customer and design partner!

What our customer had to say about working with LEONI Elocab’s Project team “Thanks, and looking forward to another development together!”