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Diagnostic Imaging & Dentistry Connectivity Solutions

Do you develop a diagnostic imaging or dental device? We know how to connect all the integrated functions in the most reliable way.

LEONI offers standardized or special medical cables and assemblies up to complete harnesses and cable subsystems. They serve the internal and external connection of X-ray machines, CT and MRI scanners or dental devices. Whether it is a replacement handswitch cable or a cable harness for mobile use in a new imaging device, LEONI shows expertise in developing, manufacturing and testing of suitable connectivity solutions.

How cables, assemblies and harnesses can improve your imaging or dental device

  • Benefits of customized medical cables in hygienic X-ray applications

    Many of our customers want to improve their mobile C-arm scanners by reducing the outer cabling. User feedback leads them to overthink the outer connection between chassis and C-arm. This cable bundle is often in a protective tube resulting in a thick and massive interconnection which is hard to move and clean.

    LEONI develops hybrid medical round cables to connect the C-arm with the chassis unit. Our connecting solutions include housing feedthrough and supply elements for data, signals, power, light and even cooling water. Our individual cables are extremely flexible in all directions and tensile. Grooves and gaps are reduced due to smooth surfaces of cables and moulded parts. Compact cable construction combined with appropriate outer jackets make the whole connection easy to disinfect while availing UL-Style for external use.

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    Customized medical cables for C-arms

  • Benefits of individual cable harnesses and assemblies in mobile C-arm applications

    Orbital movement is getting ever more important with ceiling-mounted or floor-standing C-arm scanners in hybrid operating theaters. Only highly mobile devices assure manifold operations in one room while maintaining freedom in movement for medical staff and equipment. Our customers look for suitable harnesses offering high-performance signal integrity in extremely mobile applications.

    We supply internal and external cable harnesses and assemblies, which reliably transmit signals and data withstanding multiple flexure, torsion or both at once. Each project starts with movement analysis and critical point identification to define optimum cable routing and component specification. The long-term stability of our connections is proven in comprehensive mechanical testing and in many X-ray machines operating worldwide.

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    Individual cable harnesses and assemblies

  • Benefits of combining standardized cables with application expertise

    Most cabling needed for X-ray machines, CTs, MRIs, dental chairs and other imaging and dental devices can be performed with copper or fiber patch cables. Some of our customers already have specifications of the cables they need and they want standardized connections that meet these requirements.

    We use many standardized copper or fiber optic patch cables with different outer jackets, colors, connectors and cable lengths. Either we simply supply you the connection suiting your specifications or we re-evaluate your possibilities upon request. Maybe an extra molding or special cable jacket can still improve your application?

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    Medical data cables Medical fiber optic cables

Diagnostic Imaging and Dental Applications we specialize in

X-ray cables

  • Radiation-resistant fibers
  • HDMI monitoring cables with or without EEPROM mapping
  • UL-conforming internal or external wiring
  • Internal cable systems with high voltage, data and signal supply
  • Hybrid C-arm cables transmitting data, signals, light and media
  • Standardized patch cables
  • And much more

MRI cables

  • Coil cables including individual numbers of coaxial elements
  • Internal wiring systems conforming UL upon request
  • Patient bed assembly modules
  • Switch cabinet assembling
  • Biocompatible cables with UL-style
  • Antimagnetically shielded cables
  • And much more

Dentistry cables

  • Clean instrument cables
  • Harnesses for X-ray devices or patient chairs
  • Disinfectable cables and moulded parts
  • Sterilizable cables and moulded parts
  • Cable management and routing supporting design skills
  • Highly flexible cable assemblies
  • And much more


LEONI key figures for Medical Imaging and Dental customers

  • Over 40 years experience resulting in > 40,000 medical cable constructions completed
  • 5 locations with ~ 600 employees worldwide & 1 construction data base
  • 99% delivery reliability with SCM of > 15,000 raw materials and > 3,000 customer products
  • > 700 different UL-Styles available


Cables and system solutions for medical technology

Cables and system solutions for medical technology




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